Saturday, July 4, 2009

Which Type Of Worm Is Best For Worm Bin Composting?

The Eisenia Foetida is by far the chosen favorite for worm composting. Also known as the red wiggler, red worm, brandling and manure worm. There are a couple others that will compost as well, but the Eisenia Foetida is better at staying put, works well indoors or out, has a voracious appetite, and is a fast breeder. They average three to five inches in length, and one thousand worms is equal to about one pound.

Red worms can eat half their body weight every day breaking down waste quickly and producing castings that are rich in nutrients making an excellent supplement when mixed with soil for your garden or houseplants. The castings as well as the worm tea produced in the process is a great alternative to chemical fertilizing and provides a clean, controlled environment indoors or out. They require little space and can be scaled to accommodate your individual needs from a few houseplants to a full size farming operation.

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