Monday, July 6, 2009

Is there money in worms?

Vermiculture is finally starting to be recognized as a legitimate and thriving industry. Between new technology and business practices, companies have created extremely efficient home and industrial worm growing operations. The increased knowledge of vermiculture benefits such as safer fertilizers and pesticides have made the raising of red worms and production of vermicompost and related products, highly desirable to many who until recently had never heard of this technology.

Worm tea for instance, stimulates the natural activity of beneficial soil microorganisms. It is a rich liquid, a super tea, derived from 100% organically register worm castings. Many farmers have known the benefits of earthworms and their castings for years.

Worm castings are the excretions of the worm after eating your organic garbage. They convert this into a very high quality plant and soil enhancer. It is completely natural and organic and very highly concentrated. Worm castings can be used for a top dressing on your lawns, plants etc. It feeds your plants on demand.

Vermiculture or rearing of worms is important for several reasons and they can be used for numerous benefits. Whether converting waste into organic matter or creating fertilizers with high humus content. They have a number of other uses as well. Organic farmers are using them to increase plant health and productivity. Local farmers are fertilizing entire cops with the by-products thus fertilizing as well as using for a pesticide with a 100%. natural product that is safe to the environment and will benefit future crops as well.

While others have found their niche selling the worms, castings, tea or all of the above. There is a lot of potential money to be made in this market as more and more people decide to be more environmentally conscious. The answer is yes, there is definitely money in worms.

So whatever your reason for taking an interest in vermiculture, you are on the right track and are to be commended in your efforts.

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