Monday, June 29, 2009

So Lets Take A Look At The Worms

There are approximately 2700 types of earthworms. The Australian Gippsland deserves mention, as it can grow to twelve feet long and weigh one and a half pounds! Although the record holder was found in South Africa measuring in at 22 feet!

Earthworms normally live from three to four years but have been known to live as long as fifteen years. They are cold blooded animals that tunnel deeply into the soil and bring the subsoil closer to the surface thus mixing it with the topsoil, providing nutrient rich ingredients for plants.

Worms are hermaphrodites, having both male and female organs and are capable of breeding at substantial rates without having to look very far for a partner. One acre of healthy land can contain more than one million earthworms.

Earthworms have no eyes but can sense light through their skin and will quickly move away from it. If exposed to light for very long, they will die. Normally about an hour is all it takes to do them in. They also take in oxygen through their skin which must be kept moist for this process.

Not content with one heart, they have no less than five. Since they have no teeth, they are equipped with a gizzard that grinds up their food in the digestive process. They also have the ability to replace lost segments such as the tail, depending on the amount of damage and specific type of earthworm.

Pound for pound, they are ten times stronger than the worlds strongest man.


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