Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Worm Composting

This blog was created as a helpful guide to vermiculture, providing tips and info on a wonderful means of healthy composting and information to help get you started and guide you through the process of setting up and maintaining a worm bin.
Worms have been around for more than 600 million years and have been studied by many great people, which include Cleopatra, Darwin and Aristotle just to name a few. They have been praised for their contribution to the history of our planet and for good reason. They turn waste into treasure as they break down organic matter while producing nutrient rich soil high in nitrogen. The benefits they provide are numerous and unequaled to anything man has made with chemicals.

There are two terms you may have heard before;

Vermiculture: The scientific method of raising and breeding earthworms in controlled conditions common for the production of biofertilizers, waste management, soil improvement and agricultural production.

Vermicompost: The end product of the breakdown of organic matter rich in nutrients, also know as worm compost, worm castings, worm humus and worm manure.

Whether your interest is in reducing your carbon footprint on our planet, growing lush houseplants, increasing your crop production or a wide variety of other benefits, you are to be congratulated for your efforts. Well done!

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